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               Having worked in the photography profession for over 30 years I have had

               the opportunity to photograph many people from all walks of life.   In every 

               the situation, I have found that nearly everybody no matter who they are or 

               position they  may hold in life they  all have  one thing in common and that 

               is to have a photograph that  reflects who they are and that the  photography

               session is a comfortable experience, one in which the photographer makes

               them feel at ease.


               This is my goal whether you come to my studio or I come to you,  I will promise to

               make your experience an enjoyable one and one in which you will come away

               knowing that you have had an experience with a photographer who has

               given you the best of his ability and talent knowing that you have a portrait

                that represents your personality and it will be more than you expected. 


                Thank you for considering my photographic services and if you should have any 

                questions please don't hesitate to email or call me at (310) 804-5703.


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