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   Ron was born in Sallanches France, but he grew up in different cities within the United States.  When he was nine years old his family moved to Saigon, Vietnam where they lived for 3 years. This experience I'm most certainly had a profound effect on me and my visual interest today.

   I developed a passion for photography when I was 15yrs old when my family made a trip to Europe.  While there I took photos with a small kodak  Instamatic camera that my father had given me. 

  It wasn't until 3 years later, while in High school that I began to think of how photography could be a career for me.  My father had asked a local photographer friend to teach some classes at our church and this is when I learned to develop my own film and print my own photos and that was when my interest became a passion. My father gave me his Voigtlander rangefinder camera that he had bought in Europe during the war and I began to take many photos with this camera. I would graduate High School and go on to a University before I began to improve my skills but it wouldn't be till much later that photography would become more than just a career for me.

  While I was in School at a University in California studying Journalism  I worked for the University newspaper and magazine. During my Senior year, I was privileged to win a prestigious Robert F. Kennedy award for a project about a handicapped boy that I had done during that year.

Currently, I'm working on individual commissions and occupying the position of University Photographer for a small private school on the west coast. 

I'm married and have two children and I live outside the Los Angeles area.

I have a strong belief in following one's heart and intuition when approaching any assignment, if you don't really believe in what you are doing or have any feelings for the assignment then you are only being dishonest to yourself and your client.  And being honest to yourself is the first step in finding your own voice in photography.                                                                         

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