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   I was born in Sallanches France and raised in the United States.  When I  was nine years old his family moved to Saigon, Vietnam as missionaries where we lived for 3 years. This experience I'm certain had a profound effect on my photography today.

 My first camera was a small Kodiak Instamatic camera, given to me by my parents, while on a trip to Europe where I began to develop a love for photography.

  It wasn't until I was in High school that I began to think of how photography could be a career for me.  My father had asked a local photographer friend to teach some classes at our church and this is when I learned to develop my own film and print my first photos. The darkroom became a second home for me.        

  While I was in college studying photojournalism  I worked for the University newspaper and magazine. During my senior year, I was privileged to win five intercollegiate pres awards along with a  prestigious Robert F. Kennedy award for a project about a handicapped boy that I had worked on during my senior year.

Currently, I am working for Pepperdine University, a small private college on the West Coast, as the  University photographer where my responsibilities are diverse and have provided me the opportunity to expand and develop many different skills both as a visual artist and a communicator and as an ambassador for the university. During my tenure at the university, I have had the opportunity to photograph Supreme Court Justices, celebrities, actors, poets, writers, politicians, and more all who have visited the university at one time.                                       

I have a strong belief in following one's heart and intuition when approaching any assignment, if you don't really believe in what you are doing or have any feelings for the assignment then you are only being dishonest to yourself. I believe one should learn and experience as much as possible in life that will contribute to one becoming a well-rounded member of society.  Most of all don't underestimate the power of influence over others, you never know the profound effect you might have over someone else so always strive to do the best you can.                                                               

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