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   Ron was born in France, he moved to United states as a young child but he still maintains ties with family and friends in France, which he feels has contributed to his talent and passion today.    When he was nine years old his family moved to Saigon, Vietnam where a new world was opened up to him and during the time he lived there he developed his love and passion for photography through the daily images that filtered through his eyes. 

Ron returned to the United States with his family and continued to take photos,  but it wasn't until much later in his life when his style and technique was more developed that he  had the opportunity to apply his talents in a  practical way through his work with the student newspaper and magazine while attending college. 

During his final year in college he was privileged to win the prestigious Robert F. Kennedy award in the student category for his in depth work on a story about a young boy who was confined to a wheelchair stricken with Cerebral Palsy. The story was published in the university student magazine and had won a first place in the California Intercollegiate press awards before winning the Robert F. Kennedy award.  

Ron is primarily a self taught photographer who has learned through his keen observation and  study of light, composition and color and  through practical lessons learned while on the job. "This is not the best route for everyone", Hall admits,  but its the way that has allowed him to learn and grow at a pace that he was most comfortable with.

Today Ron lives with his wife and two kids in a suburb of Los Angeles where he continues to work on commissions from editorial and corporate clients.

Ron believes that his best work comes from telling stories and working with people, he is a very personable and  works easily and efficiently with clients in from the moment he takes on a project. His strengths are in the area of portrait and environmental photography.

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