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   He was born in Sallanches France but came to the United States shortly after his birth. When he was 10 years old he moved with his family to Saigon,  Vietnam where he lived for 3 years. This experience would have an impact on his life and later would later influence his decision to take up photography as a profession.

His first camera was a small Kodiak Instamatic camera, given to him by his father to use while on a trip to Europe with a group of Gospel choral singers.

"My father had always loved and embraced all cultures and Races but he did not distinguish a difference between them but a uniqueness that was beneficial to all of us. I learned to appreciate gospel music during this trip but I also learned to appreciate the beauty of the world around me during our visits to various countries. I took hundreds of photos during that trip and probably not realizing it had  begun a   journey toward my future calling as a photographer." It wasn't until He was in High school that he began to think of photography as a career.   

"My father had asked a local photographer friend to teach some classes at our church to those who were interested and this is when I learned to develop my own film and print my first photos. From that point on the darkroom became a second home for me. "       

 " While I was in college  I worked on the student newspaper and magazine. During my senior year, I was privileged to win five intercollegiate pres awards along with a  prestigious Robert F. Kennedy journalism award for a project about a handicapped boy." 

Currently, he is working for Pepperdine University, a small private college on the West Coast, as a University photographer where he is responsible for all of the visual content used in the Branding, social media, marketing and magazine photography used throughout the University.                                                     

"Having a passion for your work and being able to pursue it and get paid to do so is about the best form of success one can have. I watched my father pursue his work with a passion for years and I guess that is where I learned the meaning of working to live rather than living to work. Nothing can replace this and if you are lucky to find it don't take it for granted. God works in mysterious ways."                                                                              

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