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What separates a mediocre photographer from an excellent one, is a photographer who takes everything he does with serious focused intent no matter what he is photographing.

I can't tell you how many times people have asked me why I am so serious about everything I do even photos taken on a personal outing or trip. I can only point to the outcome and this will be reflected in the final product and how people respond to it.  one of my favorite photos was not taken on a commissioned job with a fancy camera but from a car on a trip to Utah and with an iPhone and only because I took the time to look and wait for the exact moment when I would push the button and release the shutter, if I had not been posed and ready I would not have captured the image.

I say all this only to let you know that when I take a job I will work tirelessly with you to make sure that your end product is exactly what you want and perhaps even more than you expected. 

Thanks for your trust in me and my abilities.

Ron Hall








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